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Enviro Collective


Join us to keep up to date with farming and the environment.


Enviro Collective provides farm planning environmental services and advice which includes:

  • Development and implementation of environmental policies and procedures
  • Development, maintenance and on-going support of farm plans, designed to improve on-farm environmental performance
  • National and regional policy advice, reviews, submissions and client representation
  • Development and implementation of extension programmes, workshops and resources to improve on-farm environmental performance
  • Irrigation system evaluations and uniformity checks
  • Catchment group facilitation
  • Catchment nitrogen load accounting and reporting
  • Resource consenting support and advice relating to farming activities
  • Catchment farm mapping

We work collaboratively with other industry experts to seamlessly deliver on the needs of our clients.

“Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation have been working with Eva and her team for over 7 years. With their leadership, vision and technical knowledge, our farmer shareholders’ environmental performance has come leaps and bounds, we have clear pathways through the challenges ahead, stronger relationships with our community and stakeholders and feel confident about our futures.”

- Richard Bowman
CEO of Barrhill Chertsey Irrigation limited